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Summer 2020 Chartmix

Summer 2020 Chartmix
Summer 2020 Chartmix

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It's all about 'feel good' music! The Summer 2020 Chartmix is simply the perfect playlist that you want to play over and over again. Featuring the current chart hits 'Breaking Me', 'Secrets', 'Mamacita', Ily mixed with great remixes and remakes from 'Alane', 'Sun is Shining', 'The Weekend, and so much more... Including 3 final performance tracks and 2 beautiful cool down songs from Kygo ft. Tina Turner and J.Balvin ft. Dua Lipa.


Format Not specified
Total varaktighet 74 minuteds
Hastighet 128 - 135 BPM
Märke MTrax

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