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Symmetrical Step Solutions

Symmetrical Step Solutions
Symmetrical Step Solutions
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With Rebecca Small


Format DVD
Merk Evolution


“Looking for a solution to your step choreography ideas drought? Let this tidal wave of unique and original step brilliance fill you to the brim”. This latest installment of step choreography masterpieces from the “Queen of the Platform” is truly a work of art. Experimenting with rhythm and direction variations, Rebecca’s promise to deliver solutions and ideas in the shape of new sequences never before seen is fully realised. The mystery of “what’s new in step?” is solved right here! If you are an experienced teacher, you will appreciate the cutting edge choreography, immaculately broken down and then layered to perfection. It will inspire, delight and educate you all at the same time! This DVD is a must for any fitness instructor looking to improve aspects of both their skill and professionalism.