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Street Dance

Street Dance
Street Dance
€  7,44

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With Tom Woll - 130 min


Format DVD
Merk Evolution


Street Dance is sure to be an instant classic. New to evolution, Tom Woll creates a Hip Hop dance DVD that burns up the dance floor. Using a combination of Street, Popping & Locking and Jazz Funk styles Tom and his two lovely “ladeez” create ultra cool combinations that are fun, fresh and funky. Toms has the ability and experience to make this a workout for any level. So no matter if you are a dance diva or just wanna have some fun there will be something in this DVD for everyone. Dance to the beat of the street. Bonus DVD Features - Complete Bonus Blocks of Dance choreography from Madonna, Robert & Christiane Reiter and more, plus the “How to make an evolution video” behind the scenes feature as well as Bloopers and Outtakes.