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Step Tools

Step Tools
Step Tools
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With Marcus Irwin - 90 min


Format DVD
Merk Evolution


“Remember...a tool or two helps bring out the best in you” The key to successful teaching depends on you having the right balance of skill, style and sensitivity. To create great choreography you also need a good eye and a healthy dose of experience and empathy. All of these elements together form your “teachers’ tool belt” and are indeed part of the recipe to successful teaching. Taking into consideration that a step choreography workouts’ success can depend on pleasing many people’s individual preferences and needs, this DVD aims to help you to increase your experience and expertise. With his own set of tools, recipes and systems, Marcus helps you to create a well-balanced and fun step workout for all students and class types. Add a touch of style to a pinch of power...then mix a dash of dance with a splash of sport...before you know it you have the recipe for a perfect step class. What is your step recipe..?