Work It Out!

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Mind Body Showdown 2

A revolutionary evolution release! This new DVD format is unique in that it not only shows many great samples and clips from evolution’s Work Out DVD range, but it can also be used as a workout itself.

For a warm up we begin with a great step/sculpt sequence from David Stauffer - Cardio Flex. Still on the step Steve Boedt – Step Power & Body Conditioning starts to really sculpt with creative lunge & ab work. Next up Keli Roberts – Upper Body & Core shows her Tri Set Sequence concept using dumbbells and a medicine ball. David Stauffer returns once again for some standing leg balance work with dumbbells. Australia’s own Zosha Piotrwoski – Pilates Essentials 2&3 takes you through some Pilates core exercises. Next Keli Roberts returns with her A.S.A.P. Workout focusing on strengthening lower back and balance on the Fit Ball. Robert Steinbacher – Fitness Yoga works through some standing Yoga and down dog postures while Zosha also returns and is now concentrating on core and stability. Finally we finish with Robert and a well-earned stretch and relaxation sequence. Phew!


Approx running time 180 min including bonus materials