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Topless Blocks - Aerobic And Step

Topless Blocks - Aerobic And Step
Topless Blocks - Aerobic And Step
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With Marcus Irwin - 101 min.


Format DVD
Brand Evolution


Marcus' video releases have become equally acclaimed for both their instructional and educational qualities as well as good old value for money. This exciting new release is no exception. This video contains over 20 different choreography sequences for both aerobic and step modes. Each sequence is performed individually and separately allowing the viewer to mix and match them into a million and one different variations. By reducing the amount of "from the top" repetitions Marcus is able to squeeze a lot more choreography into the program. The elements are all here. Now its your turn to take them and fly! Including: Over 10 different aerobic sequences - Over 10 different step sequences - Choreography for all class styles - dance, athletic, intense and groovy - Tips for smooth teaching and breakdown methods - Separate choreography sequences for maximum use potential - Modifications for multiple complexity levels.