Oliver Foam Roller Structured - 32 cm

Ideal regeneration tool for self-massage and to solve the myofascia
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Fitness Equipment
Ideal regeneration tool for self-massage and to solve the myofascial (connective tissue covering of muscles and muscle groups): - Prevention and treatment of myofascia and muscle complaints - Active regeneration with improved blood circulation - Trigger zone treatment for tension caused by sports and everyday stress - Simple self massage - Ideal for warming up before exercising The extremely robust role is perfect for professional use in the studio, in a club, in therapy or in personal training. The 32 cm long massage roller has the perfect transport size, it fits in the case and can even be stowed in or on the backpack. The profile of the surface sets new training stimuli and has an even stronger massage effect than rollers with a smooth surface. Multifunctional use: Fascia training, yoga, Pilates, balance and functional training, fitness, competitive sports, club and school sports, physiotherapy, self-massage, rehabilitation, strengthening, mobilization. Material: EPP, odorless Dimensions: 32 cm long, 15 cm diameter