Interactive Music

Interactive Music (based in Belgium, Europe) is one of the leading providers of workout music world wide. Founded in 1997, the name “INTERACTIVE” was chosen because Interactive Music wanted to communicate with instructors as much as possible to make music mixes 100% adapted to their needs.

All recordings are 32-count phrased and mixed by professional DJs. Interactive-music only uses original artists (no covers!) and focuses on the latest international charts-music. The mixing is very transparent (easy to hear the sequence of the 32 count blocks), powerful and full of climax. Every CD averages 55 to 60 minutes, contains the workout mix + 1 warming up track + 1 cool down track (the full package for a complete class)

Interactive-music offers music mixes tailored for the basic group exercises: toning, step, dance, aerobics... Beside the basic catalogue Interactive Music offers specialties (also 32-count phrased) on a regular basis.

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