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Disco Inferno 2.0

Disco Inferno 2.0
Disco Inferno 2.0
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Whether hits from the seventies, eighties, nineties, 2000s or else. They were always that: hits. Disco never sounded more grooving and powerful. The MOVE YA! DJs combine brand new versions of immortal songs like "Staying Alive, Night Fever, Disco Inferno, If I Can't Have You" with modern disco house interpretations of the mega hits "Le Freak, I Will Survive, Dancing Queen, September, Celebration and many more". A quick run through sound history, which is really fun. Lots of beats and the unmistakable groove characterize this mix. Whenever you think that disco is exhausted, the mix delivers even more little musical details that keep it exciting when being listened to again and again. It never gets boring!


Format Single CD
Total time 74 minutes
Tempo 128 flat BPM
Brand Move Ya!

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