Dance Step 3

€ 7.44
With Marc Oliver Kluike - 90 min
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This Dance-Step workout provides not only the thrilling combination of seeing the complete People in Motion team in action, but also an even more thrilling set of Marcs trademark “crazy stylized” combinations. Whether it’s funky rhythms or power & jazz moves this choreography will add creativity and intensity to your own step workouts. New revolutionary dance combinations up, down, on, off inside, outside and all around the step. Fresh moves to move you! Create your own world of dance step by choosing which of the many levels shown that will suit your own student’s capabilities. Learn from the very basic elements how to teach and pass on these new moves easily and effectively. Marc and the People in Motion team’s system of gradual layers in style and complexity ensure that you are supplied with many variations to choose from. This is step & dance choreography combined like never before and it’s all here! Easy to learn and easy on the eye! People in Motion rock the house!