Dance-Aerobic 4

€ 7.44
With Marc Oliver Kluike, Petra Kluike, Pat Seifried & Julian Crespo • 130 min (including Bonus features)
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The team of People In Motion – Petra Kluike (Germany), Pat Seifried (Switzerland), Julian Crespo (Spain) make one almighty entrance onto the evolution stage and from there on its all about the dance. From simple beginnings to extreme makeovers, the team use their expertise and obvious excitement to create choreography for anyone with a need to dance. There are too many different hot dance sequences to count…but in the end when they are all added together you will agree it is a sublime combination of energy, innovation and charm. An added bonus is a section taught by the leader of the People In Motion team Marc Oliver Kluike. A mix of hip hop, aerobic dance, popping and locking and just some good old-fashioned Marc genius. Interactive Chapter Menu includes: Over 12 different Dance Aerobic choreography sequences and variations • Step by step breakdown methods for all sequences • A Bonus section with Marc Oliver performing at is finest • Zap to a Block – find sections and blocks easily