3-in-1 Foam Roller

The practical 3-in-1 roll offers you a variety of possibilities. Starting with the outer (dark) roller: Due to it's width and its diameter it is ideal for large body parts, Such as the back or thighs. With the middle roll, you will get more pressure, not just thanks to the grooves on the surface. If you want to unrolled your sticky muscles, you have the rod from the inner core of the role. Practically attached at both ends with a handle, you can use the rod for self-massage or have a partner massage you. For more demanding "rollers" the two rollers can also be used at the same time. The big roll under the calves, the orange under the back and it starts with a little exercise! After the training just put all three together again and everything is cleaned up.
Product code
Fitness Equipment
The OLIVER 3-in-1 fascia and massage roller has it all! - Space-saving storage - 3 surfaces - 3 degrees of hardness - 3 diameters - Outer roller (anthracite) - 46 cm long, 15 cm diameter - shape-resistant by hard core - pleasant hardness to roll out the fascia in the back and thigh area Profiled roll (orange) - 45 cm long, 10 cm diameter - highly contoured surface, more severe degree of hardness, especially for rolling out regions with less inherent weight: e.g. Calves or forearms Massager - 45 cm long, 4 cm diameter - comfortable handles to vary the pressure - hard, slightly profiled roller unit with very small diameter - optimal tool for self- or partnermassage