Oliver Foam Roller Pro - 90 cm

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Ideal regeneration tool for self-massage and to solve the myofascia
Ideal regeneration tool for self-massage and to solve the myofascial (connective tissue covering of muscles and muscle groups): - Prevention and treatment of myofascia and muscle complaints - Active regeneration with improved blood circulation - Trigger zone treatment for tension caused by sports and everyday stress - Simple self massage - Ideal for warming up before exercising The extremely robust role is perfect for professional use in the studio, in a club, in therapy or in personal training. Compared to a shorter roll, the 90 cm roll offers a wider range of exercises and allows simultaneous addressing of several muscle groups, as well as optimized execution security. Multifunctional use: Fascia training, yoga, Pilates, balance and functional training, fitness, competitive sports, club and school sports, physiotherapy, self-massage, rehabilitation, strengthening, mobilization. Material: EPP, odorless Dimensions: 90 cm long, 15 cm diameter