Just Move!

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Aerobic & Dance Showdown 4
Like it says on the cover this DVD is for you just to move! A grand selection of evolutions finest stars showing clips from their new DVD releases. To begin we have Keli Roberts – Lower Body & Core showing a great functional aerobic and sculpting warm up. Then David Van De Velde – The Awesome 2some shows some hi energy aerobic choreography that our giant set could not even contain. Madonna Grimes – Pure Madonna dances up a storm from one of the two workouts contained in this DVD. People in Motion star Pat Seifried – Dance Aerobic 4 establishes himself as a dance aerobic star in the making. Didier Muamba – The Dude Can Dance!…well this hip-hop, urban dance expert just needs to be seen to be believed. Robert Steinbachers – The Dancin’ Man – Jazz, Soul & Aerobic Dance shows that this guy needs no back up babes or special effects to create a scintillating dance DVD experience. John Shehan – Aerobic & Step U.K. Style is a master a taking good old-fashioned aerobic choreography and whipping it into a freestyle frenzy. And last but certainly not least Steve Boedt – Boedtylicious Step & Aerobic Dance explores the cooler side of dance aerobic grooves. Approx running time 180 min including bonus materials