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With Marcus Irwin - 110 min
“Prepare for take off as Airborne takes you to the outer limits of the aerobic atmosphere” When in full flight there is nothing better than the aerobic choreography experience. Especially when it is achievable, fun and best of all a good workout! Using tried and tested aerobic teaching techniques and a modern take on choreography Marcus takes you on a journey that is high, low and any which way you can go. Traditional, dance, athletic and moves style choreography bases are all covered. The result is a set of stylized sequences that show both the methods and the step-by-step breakdown elements needed to teach them to your students. As well as showcasing Marcus’ own ‘re invention’ process - while creating a comfortable and smooth transition to the next level, you also transform something easily recognized and mastered into something new exciting. Knowing how to reuse and reinvigorate your aerobic repertoire and reinventing what you have already created also has the element of surprise for your students this keeping you at the top of your game. Take flight and set your teaching goals to all new heights.