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Step Experience Autumn 2016

Step Experience Autumn 2016
Step Experience Autumn 2016
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The Step Experience series is a class apart. The feel-good infection risk is just too high, not to escape the groove. We start with "Perfect Strangers" which awakens all! The MOVE YA! DJs again serve you finest and always stirring music. The track selection incl. David Guettas smasher "Would I Lie To You" is brilliant and it's fun to listen to this CD. A perfect combination of catchy melodies, driving and absolutely contagious. Everything meshes and hurries quickly but without haste to a thunderous climax - 4 performance tracks! If you still have not enough, we recommend all over again from scratch!


Format Simple CD
Durée totale 79 minutes
Tempo 129 - 135 BPM
Marque Move Ya!